• 4troxoi - Tingle !

    Giannis Plagos-Alkis Rentis at the Rally Acropolis Rally! With Citroen "Troi" Rally2, the best found in the European market by the expert Stelios Fakalis. The fastest policeman in the Balkans and beyond, will not travel simply and casually with his "Alketas", handing out autographs to the thousands who adore them from their crossings on the asphalt, maybe like no one. They participate as they know how. To fight. Important that this crew with gold seams came to stay. 17/08/2021

  • Channel Best-TV

    A fantastic car thanks to the great love of an expatriate from Australia for motor sports, Mr. John Christou. An experienced, with driving education and ethical driver, Giannis Plagos, an equally awesome and co-driver Alkis Rentis, an awesome pulse from the people who was in the central square of the city and did not stop for a moment admiring the impressive Citroen C3 with which Messinia will take part in the Rally Acropolis, taking photos with the whole team. 18/06/2021

  • 4troxoi - Dirt In- Asphalt out!

    This is an exceptional crew, capable of distinction in the demanding Rally Acropolis. Join the popularity in the red, which will entice a lot of people in the mountains, with the trump card quality of the crew and the capabilities of the car, which exceeds the usual options. The fastest policeman on the planet, he has the intelligence to manage with art and patience the French jewel, and on the dirt road. It is his pure hand that follows the commands, the song of Alketa with lyrics by Giannis and there is no doubt that those who support them will be justified. From their collaborator Stelios Fakalis who chose the best available "In Trois" to Mr. John Christou, who combines support with emotion. 18/6/21

The team

Ioannis Plagos, Driver

John Christou, Team Principal

Stelios Fakalis & V Team Project