Giannis Plagos-Alkis Rentis: First contact on the ground with the Citroen C3 Rally2 of Ad-Momentum Racing

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The crew of Giannis Plagos-Alkis Rentis of Ad-Momentum Racing traversed he first racing kilometers in dirt conditions with the new Citroen C3 Rally2 before their participation in the EKO-Rally Acropolis in the WRC3 category.


Proper preparation…

After the asphalt preparation tests that they had carried out in July in the area of ​​Tsakonas, in order to know the basic functions of their French "weapon", Giannis Plagos-Alkis Rentis had their first contact on Sunday, September 5, in soil conditions to be better prepared in view of our National race that takes place on September 9-12. Stelios Fakalis, owner of the V Team Project (company for organizing and preparing motor sports events) was responsible for the organization of the specific preparation tests. The place of the tests was a part of a special route near the city of Lamia. This selection was made based on the best information about the conditions that will meet the crew of Giannis Plagos-Alkis Rentis at this year's EKO-Rally Acropolis. Ad-Momentum Racing's owner John Christou was next to the crew throughout the preparation tests.



The baptism of fire…

The early morning crew, in collaboration with Tagai Racing Technology (TRT), which oversees the car, made the necessary adjustments to make it faster. After all, Giannis Plagos would lead to dirt conditions after 13 years! As the final adjustments and updates on the operation of some mechanical systems in the Citroen C3 Rally2 were completed, it was time for the crew to begin the test program. The French racing car was "set up" at the starting point  and the baptism of fire for Giannis Plagos-Alkis Rentis on a dirt surface was a fact! The first passes for the crew were reconnaissance, as they tried to find their footing and adapt to the new conditions. Each pass was even faster, with the crew gaining confidence in the Citroen C3 Rally2 and pushing even harder. After several quick passes, Giannis Plagos-Alkis Rentis, returned to the service of the team in order to make various adjustments and to continue their testing again. 



The help of Mads Ostberg

You do not read wrong, the Norwegian racing driver Mads Ostberg, who has previously competed with factory teams in the WRC, also conducted his own tests today (you will read soon), in view of his own participation in the EKO Rally Acropolis in the WRC2 category, with Citroen C3 Rally2. The Norwegian driver on the break of his own tests, talked to the Greek crew and helped them, giving them a lot of information on how to drive the Citroen C3 Rally2, in order to perform to the maximum. Everyone was impressed by how accurate the information was on the experienced Mads Ostberg.


Targeted changes…

The TRT team, following the instructions of Giannis Plagos, made changes to the suspension, the differential and the electronics of the car. After the new settings in the Citroen C3 Rally2, and with the information on how to drive the car given to the crew by Mads Ostberg, Giannis Plagos increased his pace, placing the car more easily at the entrance of the turns, while having better braking control in low traction conditions. The crew returned to the TRT team's tent after completing the 80 km of racing tests. We did not miss the opportunity to talk to them and listen to their impressions. Read below what Giannis Plagos, Allis Rentis and the owner of Ad-Momentum Racing, John Christou, told us.


Giannis Plagos

Back on the ground how did it feel? "Going back to the dirt and in a Rally2 car is something unique. I do not hide from you that in the beginning I was quite anxious, as after 13 years of abstinence from the soil it is too much. Passing by, we learned the car and its reactions. We made a lot of mistakes in the beginning but little by little we found it and gradually increased our pace. We did not want to risk anything as for us today is a big "school" test.

How is the Citroen C3 Rally2 driving? "It's a real race car, incredible to drive with a lot of power and amazing suspensions. It is still too early to express a complete view, but from these few kilometers we did, I felt comfortable ".

We saw you talking to Mads Ostberg, he gave you information on how to drive and the car settings, did they really help you? "I consider it a great honor for a driver like Mads to help you. His information was valuable to me and he helped me gain more confidence. I would like him to take me for a walk and I will not hide it from you ".

In a few days the EKO Acropolis Rally starts, how do you feel? "I am very happy and I look forward to it, I wish you all the best. We will drive with a mind and I hope it works ".


Alkis Rentis

How is the "reading" in a Rally2 car from the passenger side? "Everything is coming faster, that's why the information must be more immediate. We found it early so everything went smoothly ".

How do you feel about the new Citroen C3 Rally2? "Giannis is responsible for answering you, however he is safer and incredibly stable."


John Christou

How are you preparing for Ad-Momentum Racing and its crew today? "I am just happy because everything went smoothly. Giannis and Alkis did what they know best and it made me very happy ".

In a few days the EKO Acropolis Rally starts, are you anxious about your participation? "You know there is creative stress, which makes you want to achieve your goal. I hope we succeed, I have a very good feeling for our participation ".



TRT WORLD RALLY TEAM testing in Kaloskopi stage.

TRT WORLD RALLY TEAM with Mads Ostberg / Torstein Eriksen and Ioannis Plagos/ Alkiviadis Rentis testing in Kaloskopi stage their Citroen C3 for Rally Acropolis 2021.



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The team

Ioannis Plagos, Driver

John Christou, Team Principal

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